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For the February 15th Auditions, the directors will be looking to fill the following roles. Character names, gender, age range, and description are listed below for each of the proposed projects. Auditions run from 6:30pm-10:00pm, and will be held at the Methodist Church, 512 Logan St. in Helena.


Colter’s Hell, full-length (dir. Mary Linn Crouse)

“An ecological fantasy centering around the life of  mountain man John Colter.”

John Colter, m, 30ish, hunter/trapper of legend

(Note, except for Colter, actors may play multiple roles)

Raven, m/f, 16-70, goth bird

Trout, m/f, 16-70, frustrated fish

Beaver, m/f, 16-70, intelligent mammal

Coyote, m/f, 16-70, trickster with powerful magic

Chipmunk, m/f, 16-70, scatterbrained rodent

Elk, m/f, 16-70, more brawn than brains

John Locke, m/f, 16-70, dead philosopher

Canadian, m/f, 16-70, a hallucination

Geyser, m/f, 16-70, dancing water spirit

Mudpot, m/f, 16-70, cauldron of steaming mud

Rainbow Pool, m/f, 16-70, seductive pool

Wishpoosh, m/f, 16-70, 8-ft supernatural albino beaver


Escape from Eden, one-act (dir. Colleen Watson)

“As ancient astronaut theorists surmise, the Garden of Eden was no paradise.”

Adam, m, biblical Ada

Eve, f, biblical Eve

Lilith, f, mythical Hebrew woman

God1, m/f, the creator

God2, m/f, the creator

God3, m/f, the creator


Memory of Cat and Smoke, one-act (dir. Steven Palmer)

* This show has been cast *


Two-Footed, 10-min (dir. Steven Palmer)

“A chance encounter demonstrates the persuasive nature of narrow-mindedness.”

One-leg, m/f, 20-60, a persuasive person

Two-leg, m/f, 20-60, an opinionated grouch


Segue, one-act (dir. Ross Peter Nelson)

“Conflict leads to connection on a cigarette break.”

LouAnn, f, 40-55, runs the snack counter at the local big-box store

Doug, m, 27-34, by-the-book security guard


Improvisation, full-length (dir. Rebecca Ryland)

* This show has been cast *


Kids, full-length (dir. Rebecca Ryland)

“A series of monologues from a kid’s perspective.”

Open to many young actors, 8-16, various character types and personalities


Filth Empire, full-length (dir. Greg Younger)

“Two writers decide to create a sequel to John Waters’ cult classic, Pink Flamingoes.”

Peter Porter, m, 25, detail-oriented screenplay writer obsessed with John Waters

Porter Peter, m, 25, Peter’s best friend, similarly obsessed

Prill, f, 14-75, Peter’s muse


Mirage, one-act (dir. Greg Younger)

"Stranded motorists take matters in their own hands in this surreal comedy."

Arthur, m, 40-65, an older man living in the desert

Willy, m, 20-45, Arthur's son

Joe, m, 18-25, a young man stuck in the desert with a broken down vehicle

Susan, f, 18-40, Jill's teammate

Jill, f, 18-40 Susan's teammate


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