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LCNPF 2015

The Plays

A Man without Means

by Rebecca Ryland


Set in a dilapidated hostel outside SoHo in London this comedy finds two Americans stuck without means in a guest room used for storage. Throw in an uncontrollable nose bleed, two workmen and their ladder, cheating spouses, a lunatic Canadian and the equally nutty hostel manager and let the insanity begin.


by Steven Palmer


One man's comedy - with a box in the middle of it. A surreal investigation into what happens when an unusual box disrupts one man's life: part Kafka; part situation comedy.

Three Men from Mars

by Robert Bayuk


In 1968 writers Terry Southern, Jean Genet and William S. Burroughs were hired by Esquire Magazine to cover the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. Before the convention began, Genet, who was banned from entering the US for petty crimes committed in France, needed to be smuggled across the US border. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg volunteered to go to Montreal to retrieve the great French novelist and playwright. This work examines that endeavor as well as the thoughts of three of the greatest minds of the 20th century.

Urn of Esther

by Greg Younger


A priest finds an ancient relic in a pawn shop and is shocked when the goddess takes possession of the gruff shop owner. This short play explores issues of gender with hilarious results.

Local Produce

by Greg Younger


Making a salad. Sounds easy, doesn't it? But when a woman tries to make one, the local ingredients speak for themselves and tell her just what they think.

The Interview

by Rebecca Ryland


A seemingly simple piece with a humorously dark message about the door to success.

The Man in the Can

by Rebecca Ryland


This short comedy places a fraternity wanna-be in a trash can in NYC charged with getting a date.

The Throne

by Verna Safran


This absurd short comedy pits a man and his wife against one another as they compete over control of a throne that “descends” from above.

Sure Thing

by David Ives


Have you wanted to have a reset button every time you said something you probably shouldn't have? Bill (Guil Poelsma) and Betty (Mildred Osborne) do! Every time the situation gets awkward or plain old weird, a bell resets the situation. What starts as a haphazard meeting in a café escalates into something more... or does it?

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The Writers

Robert J. Bayuk

Helena, Montana

Robert J. Bayuk is a playwright, novelist, and director. He is an original member of the Helena Theatre Company and his play "Paragraph 175" recieved a development grant from the Myrna Loy center.

Steven Palmer

Helena, Montana

Steven Palmer is an actor, playwright, and ceramic artist. He has a degree in Art and Theatre from MSU. His works have been produced in Montana and Washington, and he has appeared as an actor in productions by Grandstreet Theatre and HTC.

Rebecca Ryland

Clancy, Montana

Rebecca Ryland holds an MFA in Acting & Directing and is the founder of Heartland Plays, Inc, a drama publishing house. She has acted on stages across the U.S., and is the author of seven plays.

Greg Younger

Helena, Montana

Greg Younger is a published playwright and author. His plays have been produced in Seattle, New York City, Phoenix, AZ and points between. He is also an actor who has played regionally and on Broadway, and has appeared in film and television.

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