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New Play
Nov 3-12, 2017
130 Neil Ave.
Helena, MT
The Plays


Steven Palmer (90-min, drama)

With comedy, social satire, a little surrealism and an inconvenient box, this story is a metaphor for anyone who feels they're an oddball, the one always out of step.

Pretty Little White Heads

Rebecca Ryland (30-min, drama)

What does lynching, sex, sexual orientation and white supremacy have to do with four young women picnicking on a hill?

Adam and Eve

Barry Stambaugh (10-min, drama)

In the beginning...

Androids in Love

Greg Younger (10-min, comedy)

A robot falls in love with his owner, but she's tired of him. Who is colder, the woman or the Android?

Apologia Gnossi

Joshua Kelly (10-min, comic drama)

While interrogating their mentor's android, two robotic engineers must reconcile the difference between glitches and genius. 


Adele Field (10-min, comedy)

A doctor-patient consultation veers wildly off the charts when a new cloud-based computer system has its own ideas.

Clock as a Machine

Steven Palmer (10-min, drama)

Two men discuss their romantic entanglements, which includes a machine.

FELIX: the Robot Assistant

Tim Holmes (10-min, comedy)

Emotion is for humans. Or is it?


Rebecca Ryland (10-min, comedy)

Who really controls the HAVOCC (Household Autonomous Virtual Operating Command Center) system in Jim's house?

Housemaster 3000

Ross Peter Nelson (10-min, comedy)

When your electronic assistant is just like you, people can learn a lot.

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The Writers

Adele Field

Melstone, Montana

Adele lives in the stick-built house her great-grandfather built in Melstone, Montana. She grew up in Santa Monica, CA, studied screenwriting at UCLA, worked by day, did theatre by night. A string of day jobs eventually pushed her first love, theatre, aside. Adele’s grand plan in 2007 was to escape to Montana and write. It wasn’t quite that easy, but In the past few years, she has self-published a children’s book, recorded podcasts, and written short sketches and a longer play yet to be produced. To support her writing habit, Adele telecommutes with a healthcare tech company involved in AI.

Tim Holmes

Helena, Montana

Holmes's acting career peaked early with his flawless performance in the Christmas play at age 6 months, a stage pinnacle still unmatched. He's been acting ever since, but is mostly an artist. He wrote and performed with political satire group the Montana Logging and Ballet Co. for 37 years until its recent timely demise.

Joshua Kelly

Kalispell, Montana

Joshua Kelly is a PhD student in Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he studies the performativity of philosophy and politics. He is a professional actor, director, designer, dramaturg, and holds his M.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies from Central Washington University and his B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of Montana. His new drama, The Shades of Orcus, will perform in Kalispell in December. Joshua is also known in popular atheism for his contributions to Patheos, the Atheos app, and his book scrutinizing theism, Oh, Your god!: The Evil Idea That Is Religion. 

Ross Peter Nelson

Helena, Montana

Ross has authored several plays, award-winning short fiction, and two books on computer technology. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild and his plays have been performed across the US and on three continents. Becoming Number Six, his dark comedy about internet surveillance, premiered last fall in New Orleans. He just returned from a stint as playwright-in-residence at Can Serrat, Spain.

Steven Palmer

Helena, Montana

Steven Palmer is an actor, playwright, and ceramic artist. He has a degree in Art and Theatre from MSU. His works have been produced in Montana and Washington, and he has appeared as an actor in productions by Grand Street Theatre and HTC.

Rebecca Ryland

Clancy, Montana

Rebecca Ryland holds an MFA in Acting/Directing.  She has performed in Equity theatre and directed professionally for the past 30 years.  Her plays have been produced off-Broadway, at colleges & universities and at community theatres across the U.S. and Canada.  She is the owner of Heartland Plays, Inc. and the founder of ETC.

Barry Stambaugh

Helena, Montana

Since moving to Helena in 2014, Barry has acted in two Grandstreet Theatre productions (Our Town, Mothers and Sons) and plays Lord Aster in the current production of Peter and the Starcatcher

Barry appeared as John Colter in this past spring's LCNPF production of Ross Peter Nelson's Colter's Hell.

The Dopey Gold Line is Barry's first work as playwright.


Greg Younger

Helena, Montana

Greg Younger is a published playwright and author. His plays have been produced in Seattle, New York City, Phoenix, AZ and points between. He is also an actor who has played regionally and on Broadway, and has appeared in film and television.

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The 2017 Last Chance New Play Fest is supported in part by a grant from the Montana Arts Council, an agency of the State Government.

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