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Dark Comedy/Drama. 90 min.

Three women expose hidden truths during an acting exercise.

(14+ for language and adult content)

Comic drama. 90 min.

An ecological fantasy featuring legendary mountain man, John Colter.

(16+ for mature content)

Comedy. 50 min.

Life from a kid's perspective.

Comedy. 50 min.

Long-form inprov in the style of TJ and Dave.

Comedy. 30 min.

As Ancient Astronaut Theorists surmise, the Garden of Eden was no Paradise.

Drama. 30 min.

An unexpected phone call brings up mixed emotions of a past relationship.

Dark comedy. 10 min.

A mania for numbers.

Comedy, 10 min.

A big-box store employee wants nothing more than to relax when the shop's security guard accosts her in the parking lot.

Drama/Comedy, 30 min.

Selections from the author's plays Aisle 5, Revolutions, Mirage, & Cathedral touching on themes from family to office politics to identity.

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Rebecca Ryland

Clancy, Montana

Rebecca Ryland holds an MFA in Acting/Directing.  She has performed in Equity theatre and directed professionally for the past 30 years.  Her plays have been produced off-Broadway, at colleges & universities and at community theatres across the U.S. and Canada.  She is the owner of Heartland Plays, Inc. and the founder of ETC.

Robert J. Bayuk

Helena, Montana

Robert J. Bayuk is a playwright, novelist, and director. He is an original member of the Helena Theatre Company and his play "Paragraph 175" recieved a development grant from the Myrna Loy center.

Steven Palmer

Helena, Montana

Steven Palmer is an actor, playwright, and ceramic artist. He has a degree in Art and Theatre from MSU. His works have been produced in Montana and Washington, and he has appeared as an actor in productions by Grand Street Theatre and HTC.

Pamela Jamruszka Mencher

Clancy, Montana

Pamela is a Montana native, returning to her roots in Big Sky Country after spending many years as a full professor in Colorado. Pamela has organized festivals, productions, workshops, and competitions in support of new plays and playwrights in the Rocky Mountain region.  Twenty-two of her plays have been produced throughout the United States.

Ross Peter Nelson

Helena, Montana

Ross earned an MFA in Playwriting from the University of New Orleans. His plays have been performed across the US and on three continents. He is also the author of short fiction and a member of the Dramatists Guild.

Improv Mining Company

Helena, Montana

This cast of crazy characters that has been bringing long form improvised comedy to Helena since 2015.

Becky Cummings

Bozeman, Montana

Becky Cummings is a playwright and theatre teacher. She studied writing, media and theater at the University of Montana. She has been writing plays since the 4th grade, when she rallied friends to help her put on the Mystery of the Missing Tooth. 

Greg Younger

Helena, Montana

Greg Younger is a published playwright and author. His plays have been produced in Seattle, New York City, Phoenix, AZ and points between. He is also an actor who has played regionally and on Broadway, and has appeared in film and television.

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LCNPF 2016

April 15-25
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