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About the Fest

The Last Chance New Play Fest was founded in 2015 by Rebecca Ryland, the publisher of Heartland Plays. The goal of the Fest was to provide a development showcase for new or overlooked works by Montana writers. Although the primary focus is on plays, the Fest also includes storytelling and improv segments by Montana writers and actors.

Proposals to produce specific work are accepted during the months before the production. If a proposal is accepted, the producer is responsible for recruiting the director, actors, and crew for the project. The Fest itself produces Montana Short Cuts, a suite of ten-minute plays drawn from script submissions across the state. Playwrights to submit to Montana Short Cuts have no production responsibilities.

The Fest is currently operated by the Experimental Theatre Cooperative, with Rebbeca Ryland, Executive Producer, Ross Peter Nelson, Associate Producer, and Steven Palmer, Associate Producer.

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