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The Plays

Absurdist comedy. 20 min.

A woman confronts the totalitarian bureaucracy of her Condo Association to exercise her right to recycle her trash so that men will have something to die for.

Comedy/Drama. 10 min.

One reality TV show shows that you have to be barking up the right tree to find love.

Comedy. 10 min.

A quarrel between two apartment dwellers turns out to be a microcosm of the entire building that exposes the true nature of all the residents' relationships.

Drama. 20 min.

What happens when you die? It's early evening in Central Park.  Two thugs have scored some "goodies." But they soon encounter a woman who shatters their world.

Comedy. 20 min.

While on Thanksgiving vacation, a woman flirting with the "wild side" gets cold feet when her husband invites a stripper to their hotel room -- without her knowledge.

(Adult content.)

Dark comedy. 30 min.

Against a surreal landscape, a reportedly carnivorous chair awaits new prey. When a stranger arrives, the chair's self-appointed attendant warns the newcomer away, but the two become entangled in a battle for dominance. The question of who is predator and who is prey unfolds as the stranger and attendant face off in this dark comedy about sex, death, and the mating habits of bees.

Drama. 10 min.

 How does someone become cast on a “Reality TV” program?  They have to audition.

Performance. 60 min.

A completely original two-act play created on the spot by members of the Improv Mining Company -- a play never seen before and never to be seen again!

Absurdist Comedy. 10 min.

Two theme park employees discuss reality TV at a tram stop.

Absurdist comedy. 10 min.

John and Carrie Jacobs vie to win millions on a reality T. V. show with dire consequences—for one of them!

Comedy. 10 min.

A video on YouTube and an audition for a reality show boosts 19-year-old April Cole’s quest for her mom's utter dismay.

Comedy. 10 min.

A TV shoot goes terribly awry.

Drama. 10 min.

As participants in a reality TV show, a father and son confront life lived in the view of cameras and secret issues buried in the past.

Performance. 50 min.

Storyteller Garret Garrels and artist Tim Homes collaborate to create a multi-dimensional performance art project based on Random Gifts of Art, a social art movement spreading generosity and connecting people across our world..

Story-telling. 20 min.

Favorite stories recalled from living on a Montana farm, raising sheep.

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The Writers

Robert J. Bayuk

Helena, Montana

Robert J. Bayuk is a playwright, novelist, and director. He is an original member of the Helena Theatre Company and his play "Paragraph 175" received a development grant from the Myrna Loy center.

Garret Garrels

Helena, Montana

Garret Garrels is a writer, speaker, poet, raconteur, and founder of an international women’s empowerment movement called Pink Gloves Boxing. Twice, Garret has finished in the semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking. He appears across the US and Europe as a humorous and inspirational speaker.

Marianne Hansen

Helena, Montana

Marianne Hansen is a writer, wife, mother of three, and purchaser of shoes. While she has a JD from U of Iowa, it is her goal to never actually practice law.  Instead, she does her best to find the irony in life and put it into words. 

Tim Holmes

Helena, Montana

Tim Holmes is the first American artist ever honored with a solo exhibition in the Hermitage museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where some of his sculptures remain on permanent exhibition.  He is recognized for creating international peace awards for organizations such as the United Nations as well as numerous art-like objects.

Improv Mining Company

Helena, Montana

This cast of crazy characters that has been bringing long form improvised comedy to Helena since 2015.

Pamela Jamruszka Mencher

Clancy, Montana

Pamela is a Montana native, returning to her roots in Big Sky Country after spending many years as a full professor in Colorado. Pamela has organized festivals, productions, workshops, and competitions in support of new plays and playwrights in the Rocky Mountain region.  Twenty-two of her plays have been produced throughout the United States.

Ross Peter Nelson

Helena, Montana

Ross has authored several plays, award-winning short fiction, and two books on computer technology. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild and his plays have been performed across the US and on three continents. Becoming Number Six, his dark comedy about internet surveillance, premieres in New Orleans in October. He will serve as playwright-in-residence at Can Serrat, Spain in 2017.

Steven Palmer

Helena, Montana

Steven Palmer is an actor, playwright, and ceramic artist. He has a degree in Art and Theatre from MSU. His works have been produced in Montana and Washington, and he has appeared as an actor in productions by Grand Street Theatre and HTC.

Rebecca Ryland

Clancy, Montana

Rebecca Ryland holds an MFA in Acting/Directing.  She has performed in Equity theatre and directed professionally for the past 30 years.  Her plays have been produced off-Broadway, at colleges & universities and at community theatres across the U.S. and Canada.  She is the owner of Heartland Plays, Inc. and the founder of ETC.

Barry Stambaugh

Helena, Montana

Since moving to Helena in 2014, Barry has acted in two Grandstreet Theatre productions (Our Town, Mothers and Sons) and plays Lord Aster in the current production of Peter and the Starcatcher

Barry appeared as John Colter in this past spring's LCNPF production of Ross Peter Nelson's Colter's Hell.

The Dopey Gold Line is Barry's first work as playwright.


Greg Younger

Helena, Montana

Greg Younger is a published playwright and author. His plays have been produced in Seattle, New York City, Phoenix, AZ and points between. He is also an actor who has played regionally and on Broadway, and has appeared in film and television.

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