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Montana Short Cuts: Apocalypse

Comedy/Drama: 90 min.

Eight Montana writers take on the theme "Apocalypse."

Directed by Chuck Driscoll

Cousins of War by Steve Palmer

ROLAND - Steve Palmer

RAFE - Larry Bauer

SALLY ANNE - Mary McAlear

Rapture: The Musical by Barry Stambaugh

FATHER - Hal Fossum

SON - John Snowdrift

HOLY HOLY GHOST - Barry Stambaugh

Dark Side of the Moon by Susan Dunlap

PAUL - Mike Wells

ELIZABETH - Deb Schaaf

ALDEN - Luke Wilkins

Workers of the World by Ross Peter Nelson

BARBIE - April Kortz

BIJOU - Liz Harter

BIANCA - Deb Schaaf

DURAN - Mike Wells

Directed by Ilgaz Ulusoy

The Apocalypse Theatre in Downtown Rensellaer by Terri Atwood

SID - Brian Massman

MARTY - John Snowdrift

FANNY - Liz Harter

KAREN - April Kortz

Cage Free by Rebecca Ryland

NUMBER 1 - Steve Palmer

NUMBER 2 - Deb Schaaf

NUMBER 3 - Marisa Diaz-Waian

NUMBER 4 - April Kortz

The Keep by Wendy Cohen

THEA - Marisa Diaz-Waian

MERRILL - Brian Massman

NARRATOR - Marie McAlear

Ladybug, Ladybug by Jordan Chesnut

JORDAN - Carlton Ryker

MIKEY - Jenny Tu


Stage manager - Marisa Mailand

Lighting / Sound - Matthew Way

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