MT Short Cuts: Genetically Modified

Comedy/Drama: 90 min.

Eight Montana writers take on the theme "Genetically Modified."

Directed by Brian Massman

Dystopia! by Ross Peter Nelson

Eric Blair - Joe Massman

Player - Tony West

Player - Marie McAlear

Player - Hal Fossum

I, Grizzly by Barry Stambaugh

Bear - Jay Bahny

Guard - Joe Massman

Biologist - Marie McAlear

Sheriff - Hal Fossum

Tweak Breed by Steve Palmer

Jake - Steve Palmer

Holly - Jackie Laverdiere

VS by Brian Massman

Glib - Steve Palmer

Pete - Brian Massman

Directed by Leyetta Way

But That's Not What We Ordered by Craig Kenworthy

Tina - Cheyenne West​

Rex - Tony West

Dr. Bannon - Liz Harter

Genetically Modified by Michael Donohue

Anderson - Meredith Chenault

Dr. Alvarez - Liz Harter

Guard - Hal Fossum

Lens by Rebecca Ryland

Ana - Anna Haslund​

Anna - Sarah Osborn

Jack - Joe Massman

Ticked Off by Rachel Dean

Elijah - Tony West​

Sophi - Meredith Chenault

Tikku - Jackie Laverdiere

Emma - Sarah Osborn

Guest - Cheyenne West

Stage Manager - Kelli Jo Krieschel

Lighting / Sound - Richard Way

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